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Health Benefits of a Positive Attitude

Studies conducted by colleges such as Harvard, Duke, and the University of Chicago, indicate a relationship between having better health and a positive attitude. Expect some hard roads traveling life’s path, and your attitude or response to them will depend a lot on your physical health and attitude.

For your health’s sake, relax, smile, perhaps even tell a joke. Try convincing those around you to share your rosy outlook. You can expect to live longer, be healthier, and happier when you maintain a positive attitude. Practice the power of positive thinking, adopt positive attitudes and enjoy the benefits. You may have been a pessimist for a number of years. Now it’s time to change your thinking and adopt a beneficial, positive attitude.

What do we mean when we speak of one’s attitude? It is a mental position relative to our way of thinking, leading us to believe that which we have believed for years. A positive attitude leads one toward an optimistic, hopeful state of mind. Optimism has been linked to good morale, a positive mood, popularity, good health and success.

Simply stated, the first step toward positive thinking is to think a positive thought. You are in control of your thoughts, so forget the pessimism and make a habit of thinking optimistically. Practice positive thoughts until it becomes a new habit. One day you will realize you feel better with a positive attitude.

When we develop a positive attitude, we become more resilient and better able to cope with stress. Resilient people believe they are in control of their lives, and they are. We may not be able to control circumstances, but we can control how we respond to them. Try to do your best, but just be patient with yourself.

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