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How to Beat the Afternoon Slump

Do your energy levels plummet like a car in a lift shaft once the hands of the clock pass twelve o’clock?

Afternoon tiredness is something that affects us all and prevents us from working at our best but it is easily beaten with these few simple tricks.

It is not physical tiredness but mental stress that wears us out, slowly grinding us down until our energy flags and our bodies start to droop. That is when tiredness begins to set in and mistakes are made but the solution is easy.

Stretch your muscles at your desk, wriggle your limbs to get the blood flowing again, get up and walk around or find an excuse to go out.

If you work for an enlightened employer, or if you are an employer who knows the value of alert and responsive staff, you will already have provision for tiredness breaks in place.

Get out into the fresh air and walk around. Walk quickly, purposefully; hold your head up and feel the tiredness evaporate away.

Ten minutes is all it takes and you will be feeling better again, the blood will be flowing rapidly through your veins and tiredness will be gone.

Go back to work and get on with the day refreshed and if you feel tired again repeat as often as required.

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