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Stress Reduction Tips

TIP 1: Learn to question your “I should” thoughts & identify the stressor.

TIP 2: Practice relaxation techniques, for instance, deep breathing to avoid hyperventilation or visualization which can help with focusing on tension flowing out of your body. How you feel emotionally will chemically change how you feel physically – 80% is mind over matter!

TIP 3: Re-asses cognitive restructuring of events – remember most stress begins with your appraisal of a situation.

TIP 4: Remind yourself that you are in control. Empower yourself by changing from “I can’t” to “I will” or “I will not”. Be the author of your life.

TIP 5: Drop your shoulders – relax & don’t forget to deliberately take 2-3 slow in & out deep breaths.

TIP 6: Be good to yourself. Be aware of your needs, like a healthy diet, adequate sleep & daily exercise. Treat yourself!

TIP 7: Participate in “random acts of kindness”.

TIP 8: Most of all — Be honest with Yourself! Think of one thing you can do now & do it! Aim for small successes to build on.

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