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What Happened to the Mental Clarity of Your Youth?

Remember what it was like to remember every name? As we age, it is common to experience a diminished memory recall and quickness in thinking. Names, events and specific numbers or facts are more difficult to remember. We pass this off as “getting older”.

Fortunately there are all-natural solutions that can significantly support clearer thinking and improved memory. In fact if supplementation begins early enough, these nutrients may even help prevent the memory loss we experience from aging.

Aging is the largest contributor to memory loss and decreased cognitive function, which includes memory language and creativity. One of the greatest fears of aging men and women today is that they will develop Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is the gradual deterioration of the brain to the point where the victim has no memories or ability to function normally.

Alzheimer’s patients lose their history and become completely dependent on a caretaker. However, not all memory loss can be attributed to Alzheimer’s. Forgetting small details, names, faces or where you placed your keys is completely normal, but nonetheless a frustrating sign of aging that begins to increase after the age of forty.

Why We Forget

There are several reasons why we begin to forget details. Many times, it is because we are not often called upon to remember the information, and eventually, it just disappears from the mind. Another reason we forget certain pieces of information is due to over or under-stimulation of the brain. If there are too many stimuli, our brain cannot process the information well enough to select the information. If the brain is under-stimulated, it simply does not have enough energy and activity to select the information.

As we age the body’s processes slowly begin to deteriorate and circulation weakens. This affects memory and cognitive function. Blood flow to the brain is reduced, making it difficult to concentrate, learn and recall information. There is increased free radical damage throughout the body that affects the insides of cells in the brain to decrease their energy productivity. Stress and depression can also adversely affect mental function.

Each of these conditions may be a reason why you feel like your mind is “slipping” as you age. Fortunately, these conditions may present a treatable, reversible way to improve your mental clarity, cognitive function and memory.

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